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Welcome to Camp Coral SCUBA Camp

Your Adventure Awaits 



Welcome to Camp Coral! Under the guidance of licensed expert SCUBA instructors you’ll earn your internationally-recognized SSI Open Water Certification with Trilogy Dive Center. During our two weeks together you will immerse yourself in the world of a Water Warrior.
At Camp Coral the emphasis is on your dive certification, but you also get the opportunity to explore Florida. Whether it’s kayaking, sustainable fishing, participating in an environmental stewardship program, or taking in a tropical sunset during a barbecue you’ll discover all the best that Florida has to offer. 
Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime at Camp Coral!

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Camp Coral SCUBA Camp

Endless STEM Activities

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Throughout Camp Coral you should expect each day to be unique, holding opportunities to experience new activities and learn about the world around us, about others and about yourself. As you and your fellow crew shift roles and responsibilities, you’ll quickly realize that Camp Coral may be a lot different than being at home. SCUBA lessons, meal prep and clean-up, practicing sustainable fishing methods and exploring the Florida Keys will fill the majority of the time we spend together.
Your confidence grows as you complete your training and before you realize it you and your team are ready to take charge of your Coral Restoration Dive in the Florida Keys. No matter your previous experience you and your team will take the helm of your Restoration Dives. As you experience Camp Coral activities, you’ll alternate roles each day from Navigator to Chef, and roles that support the success of others.
The program is designed to present challenges, and with our staff as facilitators, overcoming them holds a very real possibility of having a profound impact on who you are, what you believe in and what you consider important in life. Life is the journey, define your own destiny. 

Camp Coral SCUBA Camp

Camp Coral SCUBA Camp

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